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hiking in RMNP & the road to red rocks

I can admit this: I’m a pretty big drama queen. Over the past few months of this summer, I feel like I have experienced a nonstop roller coaster of emotions amid all of my happiness and awe-inducing adventures — from stress to fear to disappointment to anger to pathetic desperation.

In reality/through the eyes of a normal, sane person, things have not been so bad for me, but lately I’ve been feeling lots of things along the lines of “I suck at adulthood and life at 24 is very hard and confusing.”

Then my friend Hannah came to visit me in Colorado! Isn’t it so nice when you have people in your life that instantly bring you such joy and comfort that you can forget about all your silly little mundane problems?

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Hannah lives in North Carolina with her husband Nate now, but took a cross-country flight to spend a few days in the great state of Colorado with me! As I said on my Instagram, it is “not often you have someone in your life who has known you in every place you’ve called home, has hit up a bunch of spots with you across Europe & also makes the cross country trek to see you in your newest home.” That’s Hannah for me. She is real swell.

We started our weekend in Estes Park and at Rocky Mountain National Park with my parents — is there any better introduction to Colorado than at this magical park of wilderness and mountains and sunshine? (This is not rhetorical — is there? Because I doubt it.) We spent a day hiking around Sprague Lake and gawking at the impossible and indescribable beauty of the mountains that surrounded us.

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That night, Estes Park was having a RODEO! at their fairgrounds. Neither Hannah nor I had ever been to a friggin rodeo before, and we were PUMPED to be in attendance. As first-timers, we were clueless on what to expect, but the rodeo definitely ended up being quite a spectacle, with lots of different events involving horses, bulls, sheep, and even little kids. Mutton bustin’ has officially become one of the cutest shows I’ve ever witnessed.


The next day we did a little more hiking in RMNP with my parents who were still visiting — this time making our ways to Copeland Falls and Calypso Cascades. Such pretty little hikes. Then Hannah and I were off to Boulder, where we strolled around downtown and had a hearty dinner at the Bohemian Biergarten. Boulder has got it going on and I think Hannah really loved the feel of the town — to be fair, it’s really not hard to fall in love with Boulder. Boulder can get it.

After dinner, we made our way to the MAIN EVENT OF THE WEEKEND! It was time to go see the Avett Brothers play at Red Rocks.

Wait. I repeat.

It was time to go see the Avett Brothers at RED. ROCKS.



Photo courtesy of Hannah

Photo courtesy of Hannah

Photo courtesy of Hannah

Photo courtesy of Hannah


That concert was one of the most anticipated events of my entire year — we bought these tickets in December 2014 (aka 8 months ahead of time, before I even lived in Colorado) — and ended up being one of the most memorable shows I’ve ever been to. To see such talented artists play their music in one of the most breathtaking venues in the WORLD!!! was something we won’t ever be able to forget.

Shout out to Hannah for coming all the way to visit me, shout out to the Avett Brothers for making incredible music, shout out to my parents for putting up with me and Hannah and our silliness, shout out to Red Rocks FOR EXISTING, and shout out to Colorado for being beautiful always. Keep doing you, CO.

Have you ever seen a show at Red Rocks?

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  • Reply Hannah Myer

    YESSSSSSS. Oh my gosh reading this made me miss CO and you and The Avett Bros. Those Red Rocks panoramas are killer. Such a magical freakin time we had. And yes, Boulder can definitely get it. #WAITthemostwest LOVE YOU

    September 21, 2015 at 1:16 pm
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