the magic of zion national park

you don’t understand the sheer magic of zion national park until you visit zion national park. it left me speechless on our second stop of our april road trip through the southwest!

our trip to zion also meant that i had officially visited all national parks in the state of Utah – the Mighty 5! here are my posts are my trips to arches (and arches again two years later!), capitol reef, and bryce canyon.

never posted about canyonlands. oops, sorry, canyonlands.

driving from bryce canyon to zion through southern utah


remember how zion exists? 

the trail leading to the virgin narrows in zion! unfortunately, the river conditions were too dangerous for us to hike through the river on this visit.

where we would have started the narrows hike… next time

idyllic roads in zion national park… no cars are allowed in this area of the park so it’s peaceful and quiet

our campsite in the park!!! watchman campground.

the line to board the bus to the angel’s landing hike

the view from the first landing of angel’s landing. up ahead is the infamous portion of the trail where hikers scramble on top of rocks with thousand-foot drops on either side… i was too afraid to go that far, but amy went

lunch after the strenuous angels landing hike

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